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Mobile popcorn maker. Pops up to 32 cups at a time and has an interior light for dark settings. Also comes with 3 slot candy dispenser. Top is detatchable for table top setting and popcorn + candy included

Popcorn Maker

SKU: 364215376135191
    • 32 CUPS OF POPCORN - Whether movie time or snack time, this unit pops up to 32 cups of movie theater popcorn per batch to keep popcorn buckets full.
    • ROOM AMBIANCE - Lighted interior creates a fun and pleasant room ambiance, and allows you to watch your popcorn pop.
    • HANDY STORAGE COMPARTMENT - Conveniently store popcorn kernels, oils, seasonings, and other popcorn serving accessories in the base of the unit.
    • KERNEL CATCHER TRAY - Catch loose unpopped kernels in the kernel catcher tray to keep each batch perfect for serving.
    • EASY MOBILITY - 13-inch bicycle-style rubber wheels and a pull handle make this an easy to maneuver unit, ready to be wheeled wherever it needs to go.
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